United States President Donald Trump says he will push for stringent controls over the resettlement of Somali refugees in the state of Minnesota. According to reports, Trump said this while adressing a campaign rally in Minneapolis. Minnesota is one of the largest hosts of the populations of Somali refugees in the United States.

The White House says it will not co-operate with the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Three Democratic-led House committees are investigating President Trump. The inquiry is trying to find out if the president held back aid to Ukraine to push it to investigate Joe Biden, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination. In […]

The US says it is stepping aside for an imminent Turkish operation against Kurdish-led forces within Syria that have until now been a key US ally.  Kurdish militias played a major role in defeating the Islamic State (IS) group, but Turkey regards them as terrorists. The US – which has hundreds of troops near the […]

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam has used a colonial- era emergency law to ban face masks after months of angry protests. The measure was announced today following widespread violence on 1 October, the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule in China. Ms Lam said the violence is destroying the city and authorities could not […]

China city police chief Stephen Lo says the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule in China is "one of Hong Kong most violent and chaotic days Lo said 25 officers were injured and an 18-year-old protester was shot in the chest with a live bullet one of six live rounds fired by police. He said […]

A new report has revealed that US President Donald Trump called Australian PM Scott Morrison and asked for his help with an investigation into the origins of the Mueller inquiry. According to the report Trump asked Morrison to help find evidence to discredit the inquiry. Australia confirmed the call had taken place and that the […]

The United States Democratic Party has begun a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over allegations that he pressured a foreign power to damage a political rival. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the president must be held accountable. Pelosi is prompted by allegations that Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate his leading political […]

The Supreme Court of United Kingdom will give it ruling today whether Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was lawful. According to reports, the  judgement scheduled for 10:30am, if it goes against Johnson, Parliament could be reconvened immediately.  Ministers say the suspension, or prorogation is not a court matter, but critics argue […]

A Chinese YouTuber, Ms Yeah has agreed to pay compensation to the families of two girls after one died in what her family says was an attempt to copy a viral video. Ms Yeah, who has seven million subscribers on YouTube, is known for unconventional office cooking videos. The girls, identified only as Zhezhe aged […]

The president’s office of Liberia say at least 26 children and two teachers are feared dead in an  overnight blaze at a Koranic school near the Liberian capital Monrovia.   President George Weah visited the site in Paynesville, on the outskirts of the capital, and said the cause was still unknown. Weah said encouraged parents […]

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