A season broadcaster who is driven by his passion to publish African cultures and heritage.
He specialized on Radio and TV broadcast of Igbo language and culture. He has in so many ways revived the culture and tradition of the Igbo tribe.

The Ohafia born veteran presenter has recorded countless laurels in publishing African culture ranging from his times as TV presenter where he anchored the NKEA ANYỊ PROGRAM and AKỤKỌ KPỌM KWEM and now that he anchors the echoing AMA M EBE M SHI, AKỤKỌ ỤWA AND OZI EKELE with the dream of bringing on board more entertaining Igbo programs.

Leave him with your Igbo translation, and he will give the best unbeatable result.
An author, entertainer, communicator and M.C.
Reach out to him @ 08069536199 and you will be glad you did.

Just As usual, he will always wrap it up with the Igbo adage: ka anyị dobiri ya ebe a maka na ụfọ ji fọ, ụfọ ala afọ.
Ndewo nu!!!

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